Android 11 is HERE !!! Special and Additional Features of Android 11

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So Finally Android 11 is HERE !!! Special and Additional Features of Android 11

Google has officially announced that android 11 os will be released soon there is no much difference between android 10 and 11 but google has introduced some features. Billions of people around the globe love android and in this video we will take a look into the fantastic new features of android 1. As we all know that when we press the power button on our android phone we used to have something like three options of power off reboot and emergency mode but after the update you are going to get multiple choices like payment options or any other options that you’ve added you can also use these smart home options like toggling lights on and off or any other accessories compatible with android 11. 

Media controls

Next update is made on the media controls i guess you guys have noticed that whenever you are playing any kind of music we used to have some primary options like play pause play next or previous song still now the interface has changed where you will get some more options to set the output device whether it is playing on a bluetooth earphone phone speaker or any other devices that are connected.

Bubbles and Chat Heads

here is another exciting update about bubbles i guess you might have already noticed that whenever you are using messenger a small bubble or chat head used to appear on the screen where we can easily message someone while we’re doing other works but now in this update we can get similar feature like a messenger in other messaging apps where every messaging apps will have their own bubble or chat head the next update is made on notifications many people used to get annoyed by multiple notifications from different random apps from now on notifications are going to be organized in a group where you can easily manage or prioritize your notifications according to your preferences by the way if you are enjoying this video then sub to the channel would be incredible.

Inbuilt screen recorder

The next feature that we will get on android 11 is the inbuilt screen recorder by applying some settings you will record your screen without any problems and there won’t be any need for other third-party application.

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Privacy Updates

Now on today’s date privacy is the top priority and the user should be aware of different apps that are using their data so here we have one time permission feature where user can give permission for some period. Later it will automatically get revoked so that your data or pieces of information will be more secure 

Notifications history

Another new features that we will get on android 11 is notifications history most of the time we used to swipe some unwanted notifications where unknowingly some important notifications get pinched which creates a problem we will still get a notifications history where we can check our notification history and get the desired information very quickly moving on the app suggestions will appear directly to your home screen, depending on where you are for example;- if you are traveling somewhere then different traveling related apps will appear which you are likely to use and if you don’t want any suggestions on your home screen then you can disable this option and there are more other small upgrades, where airplane mode is enhanced you might have noticed that when you are enjoying songs in bluetooth earphones and toggle airplane mode suddenly wi-fi bluetooth everything gets turned off which is pretty annoying, but now with the android 11 update that problem is resolved where your bluetooth won’t get disconnected on toggling the airplane mode different gestures are also improved and many more new emojis are added, which you can use while chatting with your friends so that’s pretty much it for this video and i would love to know which feature you will be using the most and thanks for watching and i will catch you in the next one you

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Conclusion and brief Overview

The no.1 is you can manage your chats and reply to people instantly who you frequently chat with A new conversation tab will be included in the notification slideboard so that you can reply instantly to chats from all messaging apps. so this will be easy to chat with your friends the second one is You can multitask while chatting using chat bubbles most of us are familiar with Facebook Messenger chat bubble ,similar to this now we can use with all messaging apps With chat bubbles you can continue to chat while watching something to do something else the third one is You can save and see notifications later If you have to dismiss a particular notification, you will be able to turn notification history and see all the notifications that you have received in 24 hours. The fourth one is Default screen recorder on Android 11 You no longer will have to download a screen recorder app as Google is providing it by default in Android 11. You can access it in the quick settings panel by swiping your home screen down. the fifth one is Better media controller Android 11 offers a refined media controller and you can also toggle the audio output. For example if you want to use the phone speaker to hear something despite having your Bluetooth earphones connected, you can do so by simply tapping on a dedicated button without having to disconnect the earphone and then reconnect it. the sixth one is Native smart home control Android 11 offers native smart home controls. You can change the temperature of the room, switch off lights. You will have to long press the power button to see and manage your connected devices. You can also access Google Pay this way. the seventh one is You can give one-time permission to apps Instead of opting for providing permission all the time or only while using the app, with Android 11 you can give one-time permission while using a particular app. Also, Android 11 automatically resets or switches off permissions of apps that haven’t been used for a long time.

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