History of Artificial Intelligence – Evolution and Era of artificial intelligence

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History of Artificial Intelligence

When you think of artificial intelligence, I’ll bet you think of last jobs dystopian futures killer robots. You might be surprised to know that we’ve been utilizing artificial intelligence successfully for over 70 years. And in fact, its history goes way back into antiquity. It begins in 1400 BCE in the Greek oral tradition, you’ve got the God Hephaestus, this was the God of craftsmen, and artisans, building automatons that create feasts and put them on smart tables that roll in and out of the banquet hall of Olympus to feed the gods. So from antiquity, we race forward to the 17th century where the philosophers and the polymaths are contemplating how mathematics might express reason. In 1646. Thomas Hobbes writes the Leviathan where he states reason is nothing but reckoning That is to say adding and subtracting and then in 1910, Alfred Whitehead and Bertrand Russell, publish Principia Mathematica, one of the most profound mathematical publications of the 20th century, and it begins the community thinking about how to create predictive environments. In the 1950s, things become very exciting.

A gentleman by the name of Alan Turing creates something called the Turing test, you might be using something very similar on an everyday basis ever tried capture? In 1956, John McCarthy and Marvin Minsky put on an event called the Dartmouth conference. And at that time, John McCarthy asked the community of computer scientists to call this practice artificial intelligence. And that is where the term was birthed. After the 1956 Dartmouth conference, there was enormous excitement and a lot of acceleration in the community. But unfortunately, because the environment wasn’t quite right yet, we entered what we’d like to call an AI winter. In the late 90s, the modern age is upon us winter is behind us and we’re entering a really exciting time in 1997 and IBM supercomputer, Deep Blue defeat chess champion Garry Kasparov. In 2005. Stanford’s autonomous vehicle Stanley completes 131 mile race completely autonomous. Then again in 2011. We have another computer taking down a human in a game. So here we are. AI has a very long history. It’s certainly not scary, but we like to say it Hypergiant.

Evolution of artificial intelligence

It all began manner back in 1950 once Alan Turing, associate degree English scientist revealed a illustrious paper referred to as “Computing Machinery and Intelligence” also referred to as “Turing Test” within which he projected “Can Machines Think”. during this paper he tried to demolish all kinds of arguments by coping with objections from individuals on why it had been not planning to be attainable. He all over his paper by oral communication “We will only see a brief distance ahead however we are able to see masses there that wants to be done”. ten years later Laboratories were found out by varied mathematicians like Marvin Minsky, John McCarthy, Alan Newell, and Herb Simon. All of them spent their whole life attempting to bend logic to their can and focused on modeling human thinking and then on. They developed AI systems that solved easy puzzles and simple issues in an exceedingly manner that they believed was according to human experiments. In 1961 Marvin Minsky, associate degree yank person and therefore the co-founder of MIT’s AI work published a paper that was titled “Steps towards Artificial Intelligence”.

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Role Alan Mathison of in field of Artificial Intelligence

So Alan Mathison Turing told North American country computers can suppose sometime and that we might do that while Minsky told North American country what to try to to. that is why Alan Mathison Turing and Minsky ar typically regarded as the real pioneers or the founders of the field of computing. within the early Nineteen Sixties James Slagle, an American computer user wrote a program referred to as “Problem Reduction” that actually integrated symbolic expressions.
It was a terrific program that brought heaps of latest ground this was the signature program of AI’s initial wave. And by 1970 the work of Slagle was quickly followed by several successes programs understood drawings they learned from examples knew the way to build structures and even answered queries very similar to Siri and Alexa these days. The technology behind the second wave of AI came within the middle of 1970 once Edward Shortliffe, associate degree yank laptop scientist and pioneer within the use of AI in medication, as a student at Stanford, had developed a system referred to as MYCIN that diagnoses infections and suggest antibiotics with the indefinite quantity adjusted supported patient’s weight. In regarding middle of the Nineteen Eighties only a few AI programs replaced human consultants. several startups aimed toward exchange human experts unsuccessful. Those startups World Health Organization realised the AI’s role isn’t exchange humans succeeded.

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Era of artificial intelligence

There was a slow amount once nobody paid attention to AI. IBM then launched Deep Blue, a chess-playing computer later someday in 1996 beat world champion Garry Gary Kasparov. equally in 2015 Google’s AlphaGo that is also a worm beat go champion Fan Hui. therefore the third wave of AI began to look someday in 2010 when we got siri on iphone and that is once we initial talked to our own mobile phones. In 2011 IBM’s Watson program that contend Jeopardy game and beat the human champions. I would strongly encourage you to look at that incredible video from the link below. thus currently AI was getting down to show signs of revivification.

IBM committed to psychological feature computing in a massive manner. Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft all ar in. One of the key enablers for this fast third wave was several knowledge and lots of computing power. thus within the previous couple of years we’ve seen Governments and companies everywhere the planet being attentive to AI systems to not replace human consultants however to increase human intelligence. All right. That was heaps of knowledge and that i hope that this may assist you better perceive the history of computing in but ten minutes. you’ll be able to transfer those attention-grabbing papers from the links below and i am additionally sharing a lot of info on my journal page additionally. thus if you have got any queries or comments, please be happy to use the comment section below and subscribe for future notifications. within the next video i’ll be talking regarding the definition of AI and varied differing types of AI. See you within the next video and thanks for observation. 

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