AbhiX ROG Edition 20.9.24 V2 for Redmi Note 5 Pro / AI [WhyRed]

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AbhiX ROG Edition 20.9.24  V2 Released for Redmi Note 5 Pro / AI which is WhyRed

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So finally after a long wait ROG has been released for WhyRed Device you guys can flash it and enjoy the beast Experience of your Redmi Note 5 Pro / AI.

In this build we have implemented many fixes and new optimizations. We have tried to make it more stable so that you can use it as your daily driver. So let’s have a Talk about the changes

Developed By : Abhishek Shakya (AbhiXShakya)

Changelog for the ROG 20.9.24 V2 –

1. SafetyNet Passed Without Root : 

As many users were reporting that they not able to download some apps from play store because there Device was not certified. Now we have worked on it and here we Present you SafetyNet passed version of ROG without ROOT that makes this port Unique because there is no current ROM Port which have this Feature. Now the SafetyNet is passed without ROOT now there will be no problems in Banking Apps like YONO SBI , GPay , etc. Also you can root your rom if you want SafetyNet will pass then also.

Screenshot 2020 10 09 22 26 24 765 com.topjohnwu.magisk
Screenshot 2020 10 09 17 52 15 670 com.sbi.lotusintouch

2. Display Colours Optimizations : 

As for the Tianma display panel versions of WhyRed Redmi Note 5 Pro were facing dull colours on some unlocks we have worked on this issue and this issue got solved now. Thanks to Pritish who worked on it to fix the issue. Now the colours are not fading out / washout now the display colours are accurate there is no saturation issue also you can use any kernel you want colours will not fade.

3. Colour Wheel Support Added :

Is some of ports colour wheel was also creating problems for some users. Now in this ROG Edition V2 we have fixed this too , now colour wheel is also working perfectly. You can use it to customize your screen colours according to your preference. Thanks to Pritish for Working on it and get us the fixed version of colour wheel.

4. Volte Video Calls :

As this Port is from lavender device which is Redmi  Note 7 / 7S now the Volte / Native Video call is also working. Its been tested by our Testers. Now this feature is working perfectly. Earlier ROG was based on Redmi Note 8 which was having some bugs so we this time get to the Redmi Note 7 / 7S

5. Screen Cast works Perfectly :

In earlier port which was V1 , in that cast was broken and was not working. Now in this V2 we have fixed the Screen Casting feature of MIUI 12. And now its working nicely.

6. Added Chrome Browser :

We have deleted the Mi Browser from this port and implemented Chrome Browser. Also in most of the ports there is problems with chrome browser , users say that they are not able to download chrome from playstore. So this time we have implemented chrome as a system app. Now you won’t Face any problems.

7. Smoothness Increased :

We have optimised Smoothness of the ROM , you will get better smoothness in this V2.

8. PUBG HD + EXTREME Enabled :

We have Enabled PUBG HD and Extreme Modes. Now you can play PUBG in highest Graphics. You will not face any problems

9. Gaming Improvements :

Implemented latest Graphics Drivers for WhyRed Redmi Note 5 Pro / AI which have increased the overall gaming performance. You will get better experience while gaming.

10. Added ROG Theme : 

ROG Theme implemented. Static Wallpapers , Live wallpapers of ROG Added. 

11. Settings Layout Changed :

Added New Settings Layout , settings icon improved. You can see the screenshot below.

Screenshot 2020 10 11 13 25 47 412 com.android.settings

Screenshot 2020 10 11 13 25 41 037 com.android.settings

12. Added New Boot Animation of ROG , Thanks to The SAM for the bootanimation.

13. All New ROG power menu added

 You have to double click on the middle circle for getting advance boot options. You can see the screenshots below.

Screenshot 2020 10 11 13 29 17 727 com.miui.homeScreenshot 2020 10 11 13 29 14 346 com.miui.home

14. Always ON Display (AOD) Added :

In our New ROG Edition V2 we have implemented Always on display options. But has WhyRed doesn’t have AMOLED Display it will use your battery so we implemented it for 5 Seconds it will automatically turn off after 5 Seconds to save battery , now it will not take more battery.

15. Extended Kernel Implemented

16. Added All New App Vault : Amazing interface

Screenshot 2020 10 09 22 25 54 799 com.miui.home

17. Added Retro Music :

We have removed the default MIUI Music Player because it was having ads in it. Now we have implemented Retro Music. It have better interface and better optimizations.

18. Video Recording Fixed :

In earlier ROG Edition , the video recording was not working for 1080p 30fps , now we have fixed that. All formats are working properly. Also Back Portrait is working now.

19. AI MODE Removed :

AI mode is removed in this build. Because it was causing many many bugs in the rom like video recording , Portrait mode , volte video calls. But still if you want AI MODE and u can sacrifice these then we are providing you Zip to flash in TWRP or Orangefox recovery.

Download ROG EDITION V2 For WhyRed (Redmi Note 5 Pro / AI)

Download Link (Contains ROM , AI MODE ZIP)

Thanks and Credits :

Anand Shekhawat , Pritish , Showman ,Sandeep , The SAM Pranav , Rahul , PORTHUB Family and Our testers !!


Final Words :

If you wanna get your device with a new experience you should just give it a try. We assure you will like the ROM. We have tried to make it stablest. 

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