Top features of MIUI 12 that you should know before updating

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Top features of MIUI 12 that you should know before updating Your Android

Hey guys and welcome to TecXite, how are you doing today i hope you all are doing well and this Post is going to be very important for Xiaomi phone users because Xiaomi has just rolled out their new user interface update MIUI 12. now me 12 that’s the latest user interface by Xiaomi for their phones and this update is very exciting because the user interface you get on your mi phones that is xiaomi’s own interface miui and most of the features that you see there they might not be available on any other android phone and sometimes it is claimed that this user interface is sometimes even better than the original android so how this will impact or change your phone this is a question now they have rolled out this update on k20 k20 pro miui 9 and 10 and i’ve got this uh me k20 pro and uh from past few days i’m just using this miui 12 update and the super wallpaper or this new amazing control center which close to look like the iphone one but yes there are some amazing features which they have added i’m going to tell you right now in this post and i’m going to show you everything on your screen, so let’s start

Control Center

So the next feature i’m going to talk about would be the brand new control center. When you swipe down from the right you would see this brand new control center, you can see at the top these tiles for mobile network and then wi-fi bluetooth and there are some arrows. If you look there you would see this and when you click on this arrow you will see the extender options, which you can select from and then below that are the new icons for the options. They are a little bit bigger than the previous one. They have added some more animation, when you click on it you know these are some animations and the same way uh we saw this thing now this is one very important thing, if you might have noticed the blur. If you see the blur its not complete blur but if you see it is partial one you can easily understand what is there behind it. So this is something which gives it amazing look amazing believe me 

Floating Window

So the next feature i’m going to talk about Floating Window, this is an amazing feature i personally like it very much i believe you would also like it because this is vary required feature which we need while we’re working let’s say we have opened this app on this youtube and we just go to control center and then we can click on floating window this window will float in the corner you can adjust and move it anywhere you want if it is a video, you will hear the audio but the video would run floating in the corner and meanwhile you can open any other app uh whichever you want and then the window you can move it anywhere in this new miui 12 they have added some animations in settings some amazing one you click on storage it gives you all the options the animated one you put it you click on it it gives you amazing feel yeah 12. 

Data secure

Data rights realization, Your data rights are in your hands with MIUI 12. 

Checkout full page on Android


Privacy Management

MIUI 12 Understands and manage Your privacy in one place. 

Privacy Certified

MIUI 12 privacy protection capabilities and measures have passed industry-leading privacy protection certification and testing. 

Global free window

Probably the best in the world Multi-task solution Pull down the application suspension notification and instantly transform into a quick small window. Drag aside Small window transforms into mini small window 

AI call 

Stay away from harassing phone calls Set up automatic answering Be quiet, be quiet Set the marked phone to automatically answer by AI. They will not disturb you, and you can also view the call log afterwards. 

Accessibility services

Help hearing impaired, communicate with the world. Hearing impaired Can also communicate with people by phone To answer a call using AI calls, you enter text, and classmate Xiaoai helps you communicate with each other.

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Xiaomi Health

Everyone can Easily record their health. Cell phone Automatically record a full day of exercise Walking, running, cycling, and climbing stairs can be automatically recorded. A day’s exercise consumption and compliance can be seen here. 

Game acceleration

Record high-energy moments, keep glory moments 

Video Toolbox

Breath screen, listening to the drama is also wonderful 

Super Wallpapers

So the first feature i’m going to talk about of this MIUI 12 would be this super wallpaper can you see this this looks just amazing in real life. I can tell you this looks magnificent, it looks just amazing and if we open the app drawer, its also better now

Vientiane Breath

More than 2000 sets of interest screen styles  

Dark mode 

Now supports thousands of applications, making comfort everywhere Thanks for watching.

Mi Share

So another feature they have added is Mi Share though this was available previously as well but few months ago they have just launched this mi share and they have changed some settings and the way it looks on the new version as well now one option they have added here is a good one for someone who want to focus on something they want to get rid of some apps uh social media or something they want to take a break from that for a time they can use this feature says focus mode and when you click on it you can activate and set the settings you can select the apps from here you can select the time.

New Application icon delete animation

MIUI brought new fresh app deleting animation which will amaze your eyes.

New System icon animation 

Notification tray Buttons are refreshed by simulation animation with each click you will be thrilled. 

Application behavior record query

All sensitive behaviors of the application Are faithfully recorded And present it to you.


These were some of the major changes that have been done by xiaomi. These are the features which are very useful to day to day life and will help in improving your experience. MIUI 12 update started rolling out for some devices, your device will get it soon.

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