What is Stock Market ? How one can invest in Stock Market ?

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What is the stock market or Trading

Well, once you buy a bit of a corporation , you get a share or a stock therein company and therefore the stock exchange is basically just the place where you buy and sell those shares or stocks to other people. Historically, it had been wiped out a physical location, but nowadays, it’s generally over the computers or the web . Why are there lots of different stock markets? Well, that’s a very good question. So, historically, it’s been because companies generally want to raise money in the location that they are based. And there’s a couple of reasons for that. So, customers around the area will tend to know those companies, so there will likely be higher demand. But also, companies will want to raise the money in their own currency, they will want to use their own language. Nowadays, there are stock markets that cover multiple locations, but you still generally have a stock market in most countries. What do people mean when they talk about a bull market? Well, this is generally when the prices of those stocks are going up and everyone is really optimistic, people will say that that’s a bull market. And the bear market? So, the market is basically the other of that. 

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How to invest in the stock market ?

Majorly people are interested in investing so in this such turbulent time we will start in this article from the very beginning so actually how you ever wondered what is strong essentially i can say that church stock is the ownership in a company let’s imagine that you go ahead and purchase some shirts of the worldwide company that’s apple or tesla whatever and you are actually a part owner of this company so you are a very small owner if you buy a share but a very little small owner of this company if you buy a shirt, if sherry represents a part on a ship, in that actual company you would love to buy a ship the stock market we can say that this is a very house and in this warehouse you can trade shares with somebody else i always try to look at the charts and the history because it gives me the whole understanding the value of the company is it good to invest in this company buy shares or not also you need to know that the stock exchanges are opened and closed in the different times so you just need to make a research, about the stock company you would like to invest in the next thing i would love to have that before investing you need to make a fundamental analysis about the company you would love to invest in and you because you can predict based on the latest news becoming news which company you can invest in and about the news we can see the market analysis so on the left side here we have many different tools and, with the help of the market analysis right here we have the additional information so here we have the news forex calendar earnings calendar but by the way you may use the other websites there are many different websites as for me i personally use finvez and i tried to look the at the whole history of the performance of this company even in one year in five years and the last two days so this is also a very important thing for you.

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We have right here our articles, but this article is aimed, trading the stock market on the IGE option platform so first of all you of course need to have an account on the i caption platform if you don’t have it you need to register an account don’t forget that you have a demo account right here you may try to taste to practice right here don’t forget that here you have to unload the app on your phone or even on your desktop i would love to use, the app than the site so whatever but actually i would love to use sometimes the iq option website i admire it because there are many different and additional information and tips for each trader. So talking about the, stocks right here we can open a new asset here we have a different section but today this article is about the stocks here we have the top list of the worldwide companies but i’ve told you that different stock exchanges are open and close in their time so we can see for example disney tesla amazon apple facebook and other companies there will be open in for hours the next thing you have the additional information for example facebook and here we have the additional information if we want we can get approved information why not use certain calendar trading conditions the next thing for example, you choose the company you will often want to invest in for example editors so you just have this company right here you set up your amount you would love to invest in and the other thing you may close your deal your your deal by yourself or you can set up the other close settings everything depends on your preferences and just buy, click on buy and actually almost the job get done so that is how you can work on the iq option platform, so of course i would love to add that i’m not putting all my money and my personal advice for you i i’m buying a little bit of the deep and then waiting to buy more so i mean i would love to buy shares when the company has dropped off because when i buy it at the bottom i can get a great returns over the long term because this is a long turn journey i hope you have found this article helpful so if you are i mean so if you would love to try please you can go to the IKEA option website download the app or just read you can register an account or a demo account i wish you happy trading.

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